How to Deliver Value & Drive Growth in Any Market

4-part video series

Stephanie Bogan

Business Strategist
Founder & Chief Possibility Officer of Limitless Adviser Coaching

Michael Kitces

Kitces.com & Nerd's Eye View
Co-Founder of XY Planning Network
Limitless Adviser Faculty

Adam Cmejla

Integrated Planning & 
Wealth Management
Limitless Adviser Coach

Suzanne Siracuse

CEO and Founder of Suzanne Siracuse Consulting Services, LLC

Tiffany Charles

Chief Growth Officer, Destiny Capital

This four-part series offers a “behind-the-scenes” pass on how to succeed in any market.

Listen and learn from the profession’s leading success coach as she reveals how you can efficiently deliver massive value to clients, accelerate your growth and gain you back your time and freedom.
Stephanie distills 25-years of success building elite practices, including how she helped firms successfully navigate and grow during 2000 and 2008, into the four fundamentals focus areas for success in any market:

• SUCCESS MINDSET: When you get paid to think, the quality of your thoughts matters…immensely. Learn the neuroscience of success and brain hacks you can use to shift your momentum and get your vision, focus, and energy into high gear. Michael Kitces joins Stephanie to go in depth on how mastering mindset has truly made a difference in his life. 

• DELIVERING VALUE: Tell your story so you never have to sell your story, differentiate your value in ways that stick, deepen engagement and deliver massive value and achieve “trusted adviser” status. Successful adviser Adam Cmejla, of Integrated Planning & Wealth Management, joins Stephanie to share his journey from cringing to confidence in sharing who he serves, the value he delivers and the fees he charges. 

• EPIC EFFICIENCY: Build a hyper-efficient service system to standardize and systematize a highly specialized process to elevate the client experience in the most efficient, effective and enjoyable way possible. Adviser Adam Cmejla returns to combine his in-the-trenches experience with Stephanie’s best practices and strategies on how to create hyper-efficiency in your practice.

• FOCUSED GROWTH: Gain insights to help you map a growth strategy, tap into traditional COI marketing, rev up referrals, drive 3x growth with a focus on specialized clients, and use modern marketing to scale your success. Stephanie is joined again by Michael Kitces to combine Stephanie’s 25 years of experience and Michael’s “Big Brain” to share effective strategies on focused growth during these uncertain times. 

This 4-part webcast series will run weekly starting Wednesday, May 20, 2020. These webcasts will run from late May through June for growth-minded advisers looking for strategies and solutions to sustain, support and accelerate their success. Live Q&A with speakers and participants at the end of every webcast.

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